to Katherine Sanders Icons. I paint icons of Christ, the Theotokos and his Saints for individuals, churches and other groups. I live in Edinburgh and am a member of the Orthodox Church.

I paint authentic, personal and sensitive icons with great directness and wide appeal. My iconography is created to support prayer, encourage contemplation and connection with the transfigured and risen Lord. Commissioning an icon for use in contemplative prayer and to commemorate special occasions, especially baptism, ordination, weddings and memorials is easy and simple.

Each icon is founded in prayer. Each material, colour and gesture carefully and prayerfully considered, before work begins. By using the finest quality traditional materials and techniques, I create icons which will last through the ages.

I send monthly newsletters with offers of hand-painted icons available to buy immediately and sharing my new digital art work which is part of my ongoing Patreon project to bring traditional Orthodox iconography into the digital world.

  • orthodox icon Jesus Christ
  • Egg Tempera Peacocks
  • Icon of St Andrew the First Called
  • Detail of St Antipas