A prayer for our feet.

Be Thou a Bright flame before me
Be Thou a guiding star above me
Be Thou a smooth path before me
Be Thou a kindly shepherd behind me
Today, tonight and forever,

– a prayer attributed to St Columba.

While we have limited contemporary resources that are directly connected to the saint, there is enough to suggest that this kind of prayer would be one he knew. While my personal favourite is the one that I wrote last night next to the initial drawing of the Saint, this one is appropriate at the end of the secular year. I always feel out of step just now – I am looking at catalogues for my vegetable seeds next year, disgarding or recycling things I have not used and trying hard to ‘clear the decks’ (although I am not allowed to put the Nativity decorations away yet obviously) and yet the Church Year begins in September (in my previous life as an academic this made more sense). I pray that the ever-living God guides my steps and yours as we navigate our journey onwards to the homeland of our hearts desire.

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