Dr. Katherine Sanders was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her search for God led to her joining the Orthodox Church in 1996, while studying for an MA (Hons) in Religious Studies at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near East, learning Biblical Hebrew and Ugaritic cuneiform along with studying world religious traditions. She went on to complete a Ph.D. in Bronze Age Syrian Mythology, studying the texts discussing the Ugaritic deity Ba’al and his mythology, under the supervision of Professor Emeritus Nicolas Wyatt, at the University of Edinburgh.

After studying iconography with Aidan Hart for ten years, Katherine received the formal blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain to work as an iconographer, faithful to the Orthodox Church and its Traditions. Her focus is on an invigorated, authentic and yet dynamic approach to iconography, using the ancient proplasmos and membrane techniques as appropriate to the subject. She seeks to present Christ and His Saints as transfigured and transformed but fully human, in order that we may be drawn towards our own theosis and understanding of the Creation’s role in our fulfilment of a truly God-centred life. She only works in traditional egg tempera, using genuine gold leaf and pigments from precious stones and the very Earth around us.

An experienced singer in choirs of both Slavonic and Greek Byzantine style, her daily involvement with the Church informs her work as an iconographer and family life. She is the mother of one and keeper of several chickens. Recently she has incorporated her previous experience as a custom dressmaker and embroiderer to begin a range of high quality church furnishings and baptismal robes, made to order and customised for each church setting.