Ancient techniques, modern technology

One of the contrasts I enjoy most in current iconography is how, in this ancient church with such a strong sense of Tradition (and tradition) modern technology is connecting people. This allows the sharing of information and techniques and bringing us together as individuals. All of this is possible now, in a way we could never have even imagined twenty or thirty years ago. I now have friends now all over Europe, America, Russia and even New Zealand and Australia – and we can chat whenever we want! 

At the same time, I have maintained my use of ancient techniques in iconography, especially the pigments and gilding techniques I prefer. I do not make a judgement about other artists and iconographers who use synthetic paints but for me, the very ‘matter’ we use in icons matters.

Exciting news: classes and video 

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity here in Edinburgh. As summer reaches its peak, we often feel like things are going a bit crazy. My new studio is now ready for work and over the weekend I will film a short tour for you – we get to ‘meet’! I am planning to have individual or small group classes here and next spring, a larger beginners workshop in Edinburgh over five full days. Please think of any questions you’d like to ask and I will answer on that film or in a regular weekly video blog, so please post them below – and there’s no such thing as a silly question.  I will spend a bit of time working out which program is going to be most user-friendly to add the video to the website but it will also go onto my youtube channel.

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