St Flora of Kildare

St Flora of Kildare. via St Flora of Kildare. This is a tiny postcard sized icon, painted over the course of about two years: I did the gilding before we moved house and it took a while for the right person and right saint to come along. It turned out ok, given the scale. I rather love painting miniatures :D … [Read more...]

St Alexander Nevsky: a birthday Icon

I can't wait any longer, I have to share this. Two weeks ago, a friend from Church (who didn't know I painted icons) asked if I could help fix one that had been damaged in the post from Bulgaria - it was a birthday present for a lovely, gentle, wonderful priest we know who is celebrating his 70th birthday this week. I saw the icon and said of course I can fix it up, would you like to see my own work while you're here? I'm so happy that she liked my work: after discussing it with friends, she asked if I could, somehow, paint an icon for our priest. I've never made one so quickly, unless I've … [Read more...]

Materials & tools

I can't wait to share a picture of my latest work with you on Monday but as its a birthday surprise, I'm having to hold back! So I was working away and thought I'd perhaps be better making a purely 'practical' post about the materials I've found to be best over the last eight years. brushes It pays to buy the very best you can afford, even if that means you begin with only three or four: my most commonly used sizes are 0, 1, 3 and 5. These are all kolinsky sable and are expensive. However, not all sable is created equal! I've tried a few kinds and while most would work for laying down … [Read more...]