Bright Week, Bright beginnings

Edinburgh sunset

The speed that Bright Week has passed seems unbelievable – helped along with the joy of Easter, the feasts of Ss Raphael, Nikolaos and Eirini, St George the Trophy Bearer and today, The Life Giving Spring (Zoe). Many years to all who have celebrated their name day this glorious week.

Spanish Flu: a lady wearing a mask, as mandated by law

This week I have been finishing off a small painting (to be shared after the new owner receives it, planning a longer term drawing project and making masks for sale. While there are many people making them for charities and key workers, as a self employed parent I have to keep shoes on feet and food in the house. I will add a link to my Etsy shop on Monday and these will be available to buy as often as possible: while they are absolutely not medical devices, it makes sense that we limit spreading of this virus by any means God puts at our disposal – and my sewing machine is there for a reason.

My own life may not be very different in some ways – being naturally heremitical makes this a lot easier to bear, church and solitary walks aside – but all of you are in my prayers, whether I am painting, sewing, gardening or having a moment of calm as the sun sets over Edinburgh. All these things pass, one way or another, and Christ is with us all ways – at all times and in every hour.

If you are feeling isolated or in need of support, drop me a note here through the contact form or on Facebook, Instagram or twitter and I will add your name to my list. I will be posting more frequently in the days to come and sharing more of my work which can be bought as a print no matter where you are in the world, right now – please see the drop down ‘print’ page on my shop – and let me know what other saints you would like to see.

Finally, I am beginning a new project in May 2020. It is ambitious and demanding – I am asking for your prayers – and if you would like to have access to my work as I prepare and begin, please do consider signing up on Kofi as a repeat supporter. Having looked again at Patreon, I do not think it is a fair way to ask for your support: the fees, percentages and model are burdensome to patrons as well as creators. kofi charges a flat rate to me, not you, does not charge extra in taxes and hoped allows me to share more without having to make life too complicated for either of us. Your prayers and support make the continuation of current, real iconography possible and our tradition is one of relationships – between Christ and the Church; clergy and laos; icons, iconographers and their patrons. Let us keep that alive, in the face of a world that demands less of us than we are able to give.

Christ is Risen!

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