How does an icon come into being? Have you ever met an iconographer or thought of having an icon painted ‘just for you’ or for a specific Church or occasion? How does the process begin?

Initially, you can complete this form or send me an email through the contact page. We can discuss why you would like the icon and the subject. I have a waiting list so it is always good to contact me as soon as possible.

An important note

The exact pricing of icons depends on a number of factors including

  • Size
  • Panel borders
  • Subject/s
  • Half or full-figure
  • Number of figures
  • Festal or complex scene
  • Gilding: halo only (oil), full background (water or oil gilding)

If you are not sure of the details of the icon and you’d like to chat things through, I’m more than happy to help you clarify what you’ll be happy with. Also please keep in mind that the complex festal icons we see in books and prints are in reality a lot larger and have been greatly reduced for print. There is a limit to how small one can paint detail. Smaller does not necessarily mean cheaper, because painting minute detail is incredibly difficult to do very well.

    Commissions and Enquiries

    Prices range considerably, depending on type of board you would like, amount of gilding and gold leaf, the size and number of figures. The current rate starts for a postcard-sized, intimate icon, like the small one of St Flora (gilded) from around £145.  I do not recommend full-size figures on boards smaller than 30cm/12 inches tall – the detail possible is far greater on the larger board. Different shapes of boards are available, in consultation with board maker Dylan Hartley: triptychs, round or arch-headed boards, crosses for the memorial table are all possible.

    After an initial discussion, we agree on a timetable for the icon, including size, subject, board and cost: at this point a deposit is payable to secure the waiting list position, board, and so I can begin work in due course. Board prices do not include postage, which will of course vary. I use very secure packaging, tracked beginning to end by a courier, to ensure that the icons arrive safely and are insured in transit.

    The process of commissioning an icon is a very simple one, and one that I enjoy very much. It gives us the opportunity to discuss the subject of the icon and your intention for it, which I love to know about. Please do get in touch and I look forward to helping you see the icon you are looking for come into being.