As the secular year winds down, I find myself being caught up in the rush of making, baking, planning etc that seems obligatory these days. The chance to spend many hours painting and praying gives me respite and allows me to breathe: literally.

I have now completed the last icon of this year, although I’m already drawing the next one and planning what supplies I need for the two after that. Next year, I will not be taking any last minute commissions to slot into my list I’m afraid. It’s simply too stressful for me and my family. However, I still have some room, given my current work rate, for later in the year if you are hoping to commission an icon. Why anyone would choose to commission an icon may be the subject of my next post, probably at the start of new next year.

In the meantime, for my friends of all denominations or none,

Christ is Born, Glorify Him!
Καλά Χριστούγεννα !

And don’t worry if you are feeling a little forlorn – everyone knows the real celebrations happen at Easter!


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