Gift Vouchers

For a long time, I’ve wanted to find a simple way to sell gift vouchers in the shop and finally, at last, the gift vouchers (tokens? cards?) are here!

Vouchers are sent in these professionally printed wallets so your gift is more than a printed email.

One of the challenges of commissioning an icon is when you – or the people you’re buying for – can’t decide on the saint or subject you’d like. Maybe you’re getting married and would like guests to contribute to their special icon and these lovely vouchers mean you can do just that! The recipient will get have a professional, shiny card wallet and a printed voucher inside, along with a letter explaining how to use the vouchers and details about how long they last (370 days, in case you’re wondering). There is no postal charge and I have decided to make all products free postage worldwide and this includes the vouchers.

I really hope that you are all managing in this crazy pandemic – wherever we are (even my family in New Zealand) we have had such a strange year – and do get in touch with your questions about icons, Orthodox life (knowing that I’m not a theologian or clergy!) and commissioning work. I have an exciting update next week which I’m looking forward to sharing with everyone soon.

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