Icon Gallery

Icon-LogoI am so glad that you have visited this site and hope you choose to commission an icon, ask me to speak or write, or even teach somewhere. I am also aware that other iconographers visit here and save images – for their own work, for technique perhaps and sometimes to copy. I do not own the prototype of the icons, any more than anyone else. However, I do own the *copyright to each photograph* of my work published here. I have reluctantly water-marked the images throughout the site, after finding my work for sale in poor quality reproductions or used on other websites without permission. I engage an agency who find and will seek payment for such use, throughout the world, so please contact me if you wish to use an image or part of one for non-profit use only.

If you are a group which wishes to use an image for a study group, a leaflet or other printed material, please get in touch: I often allow this, with the proviso that the owner of the icon (as all my work here is sold) gives permission first.

I am one person, working alone, and using my images to print off and sell is theft. However, I am more than happy if they are of help while studying iconography, so please don’t be afraid to ask. Many thanks.