Images & Copyright

Icon-LogoI am so glad that you have visited this site and hope you choose to commission an icon, ask me to speak or write, or even teach somewhere. I am also aware that other iconographers visit here and save images – for their own work, for technique perhaps and sometimes to copy. I do not *own* the prototype of the icons, any more than anyone else. However, I do own the copyright to each photograph published here. So far I have chosen to avoid watermarks on the images: please, before saving and downloading, a short email to confirm you wish to use it for study or personal use, would be very much appreciated.

Otherwise, I will have to watermark images and use lower resolution photographs, which would not do justice to the icons.

If you are a group which wishes to use an image for a study group, a leaflet or other printed material, please get in touch: I often allow this, with the proviso that the owner of the icon (as all my work here is sold) gives permission first.

I am one person, working alone, and using my images to print off and sell is not polite. However, I am more than happy if they are of help while studying iconography, so please don’t be afraid to ask. Many thanks.