sketch of a crow

Journey Through June: Saint of the Day

During the Pandemic, we have all felt unsettled and adrift, in different ways. To try and anchor myself in a more ‘eternal’ time, to remind myself of the champions who have gone before, I decided to draw one saint a day. How to begin? When we have literally thousands of examples? Boundaries – setting limits on ourselves is the only way sometimes. I began by deciding I would only draw women saints – a weak point of mine. I then decided to follow the alphabet, and choose a saint whose name (in English usually) begins with a letter from A-Z. 

Each day during June  (apart from Sundays) I will post a drawing of a saint, a short biography usually from Orthodoxwiki or another online source (with link) and if I am feeling very brave, a short audio or video link to me talking about the saint and reading their Kontakion where one exists.

sketch of a crow
A graphite sketch of a crow, focusing on the head. 2019

As you can see, photographing drawings is not easy, so I have got ahead with my drawings and am already planning the next series – women saints, full length – but not without some head scratching on how best to photograph the drawings. What our eyes perceive as white paper is turned into something grey and murky by a camera processor – or is blinding and the nuance of the line is gone with adjustments. As we go through the month, I hope you will see that no matter how long I have been drawing (and painting) the path to improving is never ending and I am very far from being content with my work. Is this false modesty? No. Is it perfectionism? Maybe – but any painter or creative person who is satisfied with where they are is in peril from a different direction. May God continue to push me on to share my falls and mistakes as well as the work that is at least acceptable.

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Wishing you all a joyful afterfeast of the Ascension, 


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