May 2020: Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearing Women

Christ is Risen! my warmest wishes for a joyful Spring, in spite of all we are facing. I almost titled this post “Glory to God for all things” – for surely we are being called to find comfort and joy in the face of all the disasters and trials that are magnified in each of our lives.

This week I completed my first orders of face masks – you are more than welcome to have a look on my Etsy shop here

I am grateful to be busy and occupied. In 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks, my husband and I visited St Vladimir’s Seminary to see our koumbaros & my godparents, studying and with their first child a tiny baby. After our time on campus – which was truly life-changing – we drove upstate to visit some Shaker villages. I was entranced with the buildings and furniture – so beautifully simple – and the hard working, communal philosophy that these people had imbued with deep faith. One of their mottoes was “Hands to Work, Hearts to God” and I have adopted that as my own maxim. You can spend many happy hours learning about the Shaker villages – and God willing in time visit them – as in the exemplary Hancock Shaker Village – a working farm and museum with the knowledgeable and interesting guides that seem to be the norm in New England.


Most importantly, I was able to complete my ‘Peacocks and Vine’ painting, many layers of egg tempera paint on stretched cotton rag paper (Khadi). 

I am pleased with the finished result and have (with permission of the new owner) added it to my collection of made-to-order prints online here. Customers so far have been really happy with their quality “Packaging was lovely and kept it immaculate. And I’m v pleased with quality and colours especially with the deep blue and the gold halo both come over well. And the texture of the paint.” said Hannah, while Anne has been sending cards to people during the Lockdown to keep their spirits up and comfort them when times are challenging. The best thing – apart from their quality – is that they can be shipped from anywhere in the world, so my American friends can buy prints made in the USA, avoiding any quarantine restrictions. I have also added a “gift card” option which means that if you would like to treat someone but don’t know what print they would like, you can email them a voucher which can be used online – all without contact.

Finally, my next foray into the online world is coming very soon: I have been given a tiny digital camera for filming videos! I am very excited to see what we can do with this. I have had requests for a few types of lesson but I’m beginning with a project called “A-Z” – I will say no more for now, as it will be a demanding and challenging goal. There will be updates here on my site but also over on my Kofi page, where regular subscribers will have access to my work in progress as I go along. I will also share videos of my working technique and (God willing) will have my first online workshops ready in the summer. These will be scheduled with one lesson released per week and a homework option, and perhaps eventually as a complete workshop when we are finished. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter for further information.

May we go forward into the early summer filled with confidence that Christ is Risen, that along with the Holy Myrrh-Bearers we can run from the tomb with the good news to those mourning like the Apostles and that He is with us, even to the end of the ages.

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