Pascha 2020

Icon of St Andrew the First Called
A commission for the parish of St Andrew in Edinburgh: a traditional icon of the First Called Apostle, following the request by Kiria Olga and Kiria Androulla from London.

Christ is Risen!

Surely this is the strangest Pascha many of us have ever experienced. What can I say, except that Christ is Risen and that this strange time will pass, one day at a time.

a screenshot showing Liturgical text on one side and a livestream from the Orthodox Community of St Andrew in Edinburgh on the other side, as we follow along with Easter services at home
During Holy Week and Bright Week, we used an Ipad to have the livestream services from Church alongside the texts available from the Ages Initiative. A very strange experience but far better than being alone and one that allowed us to feel connected to our Priest Fr Raphael and Deacon Antonios in spite of the pandemic lockdown.

During the last four weeks of lockdown, far less strictly imposed than the one in Greece, I have completed another icon of Saint Andrew the First-called, this time for my own parish here in Edinburgh. The knowledge I will see this face each time I enter the temple is both an honour and a burden, although no more than knowing that each icon is used in the spiritual efforts of all who see them.

My next projects are smaller and slower – in between home learning for my daughter and keeping all three of us in domestic safety, I have managed to find ten more small icon boards such as the one used in the icon above. *commissions are open* and I’m looking forward to working on small, intimate icons while my eyesight lasts.

At the same time, I am slowly adding prints to my new ‘print to order’ shop  where you can choose the format and size of an icon and have it delivered direct to your door, worldwide. The current images can be seen here

I am almost finished a new tiny piece based on a workshop I completed online with the artist Koo Schadler, which will influence my non-Icon painting in new ways – her mixture of innovative techniques for a very traditional looking finish is something that chimes with my own way or using egg tempera.

Finally, I am going to be painting more of my ‘non-icon icons’ – works on paper, using egg tempera and khadi paper. These are based on ancient Christian carvings and symbolism, suitable for all homes and situations. If you would like to discuss buying an original A3 piece or in due course one of my prints, please contact me here – I would love to hear from you more than ever.

You can hear some of the choir of Vatopaidi on Mount Athos singing “Christos Anesti” here – I will share more music and recipes during Bright Week and progress on my online video iconography tutorials (Coming Soon!).

Christ is Risen!

Katherine, Bright Week 2020

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