Christ and the Rich Young Ruler


Christ and the Rich Young Ruler shows the moment when the man is challenged to give away all that he has to follow Christ and be saved. It is a unique icon fully within the Orthodox tradition and asks all of us: are we ready to follow Him?

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Christ and the Rich Young Ruler is an original icon commissioned for use in Denver, Colorado. I worked closely with the commissioner to communicate his wish that the icon should not only show Christ looking with compassion and love for the young man, who turned away when told he had to give everything away for Christ and not simply follow the rules, but that we should recognise the wealthy are as much in need of Christ’s love and compassion and saving grace as the poor. Christ is in His traditional simple robes and yet conveys a sense of calm dignity and clarity, as we find when our hopes are all on Him. The rich young man is clothed in the wealthiest of garments, with embroidery, gold thread and expensive dyes, as well as shod in very expensive shoes which would not have to be worn walking the dusty roads as Christ and the Apostles did. This is the moment just before he turns away, unable to give up his earthly riches for the eternal Kingdom.

In the background, one can see features of the desert landscape around Colorado with scorpions and Columbine plant, but also the flowing water which Christ brings to our hearts, creating grass and green herbs “for the service of men” whenever we are near Him.

This is not a giclee print but is suitable for both framing and mounting onto board. It comes packaged with card both sides to protect it and can be ordered if out of stock – new orders will take 5 working days if not currently in print.

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