Icon: St John of Damascus


Handpainted original icon, oil-gilded with 23 carat gold leaf on limewood board with oak braces. Suitable for Church as well as domestic prayer.

An original icon of St John of Damascus, defender of icons and the Orthodox faith (b.675, d. 749). This extraordinarily gifted and intelligent saint lived during turbulent times and before his ordination and serving at Mar Saba near Jerusalem, studied the law, theology, philosophy and music, serving as Chief Administrator in a muslim Caliphate, which ironically allowed him to write his famous ‘Three Treatises on Holy Images’ during the Iconoclastic disaster in the Christian empire. He is recognised as a Doctor of the Church in the Roman Catholic church and in the Eastern Orthodox church is one of the Fathers, as well as several of his hymns being still in Liturgical use.


The size of this icon is suitable for a church setting, at 48x38cm (approximately 19×15 inches) and of a sturdy limewood board with substantial hard oak braces. It has been varnished and as it is oil-gilded, will stand up to parish worship (although not lipstick and other sticky substances). Care advice will be included along with further information.

Weight 3.75 kg
Dimensions 53 × 42 × 9 cm


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