(SOLD) Icon: St Matrona of Moscow


Handpainted water-gilded icon of St Matrona of Moscow, modern saint. Egg tempera and gold leaf on 11x15cm solid wood board.

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This miniature icon (11x14cm, approximately 4.5 x 5.5 inches) of beloved Saint Matrona of Moscow is ideal for a quiet prayer corner at home or a baptismal gift. It is water-gilded with 23.75 carat gold leaf and painted with traditional egg tempera, using all natural pigments and lapis lazuli for the blue.

Saint Matrona is a modern saint, much loved at home in Russia and all over the Orthodox world. She was blind from birth and as a young adult lost the power in her legs, so she spent her childhood safe in Church while her parents worked, becoming familiar with the hymns and prayers of the Faith, and even as a child became known for her devout and effectual prayers on behalf of others. It is said that God granted her the gift of foreknowledge, whether those she spoke to took her advice or not. One thing is for sure: in spite of the troubled and turbulent times she lived through, Saint Matrona said before her death: ““Come, come to me, all. Tell me about your troubles, as if I were alive, and I will see you and hear you, and help you.”

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Dimensions 20 × 15 × 5 cm


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