To Order only : Mandylion Icon of Jesus Christ: the “Holy Napkin” of King Abgar


Hand-painted icon of the Mandylion: the miraculous image of Jesus which healed King Abgar of Edessa. Egg tempera paint on oil gilded board. Sent in a handmade velvet lined silk bag, unvarnished. Free postage by courier within the UK.

This icon is hand painted in egg tempera on solid limewood board with overall dimensions of 20x25cm. It is oil gilded with 23.5 carat gold leaf. The “Mandylion” icon is commemorated in the feast of it’s “Translation” on the 15th of August in the Orthodox Church each year.

The story behind this striking image of Jesus is that when King Abgar of Edessa was sick, he wrote to Jesus begging Him to come and cure him. The Lord did not come but sent the ‘napkin’ on which He had dried His face. It is mentioned first by Evagrius in the 6th century, so the tradition is as old as the icons which have survived the iconoclasm.

The icon is unvarnished, although this is not strictly necessary with egg tempera, I offer a varnishing service one year after completion (postage not included). Delivery is by courier world wide, which will be extra outside the UK.

Please email me if you would like to commission your own icon, either of the Mandylion or another subject.


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