Original Egg Tempera paintings – series of Red Baroque Swirls (8×6″) watercolour paper


How can I use three colours and create a feeling of movement and energy in a static painting? Can egg tempera be used in a way that reflects a dynamic swirl while standing still? how many layers does it take? These were some of the challenges and questions I set out to explore in this series of four ‘baroque’ – rather extravagantly titled – small paintings. Egg tempera on 8×6″ watercolour.



A  series of four monochromatic ‘baroque’ inspired  swirls, using a simple mix of red, white and black on watercolour paper. 

Each one is painted to try and capture a sense of contrasting movement and elegance in a fixed image.  Each one is wrapped in tissue, securely placed between cardboard  and posted flat to ensure a safe delivery to be framed as a group or individually.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 0.1 cm

Swirl 1, Swirl 2, Swirl 3, Swirl 4