Pre-Order: The Peacocks and the Vine – fine art Limited Edition Giclee Print


an exquisite early Christian carving showing two peacocks perching on a curving luxuriant vine, next to the fount of all life, the Chi Rho cross. Painted in tetrachrome palette of red, yellow, white and black, the egg tempera layers have been professionally captured and transformed into a perfect print, produced on acid free artist paper. Limited edition of 50, available to pre-order now.

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Symbolising eternal life, these exuberant peacocks perch upon a vine emerging from the cup of Communion, with grapes growing in abundance as they twine around the carved ‘Chi Rho’ Cross and combine the essential truths of eternal life coming from the source of all life and immortality. The painting is taken from a carved sarcophagus in Ravenna, Italy, from the early days of Christianity. Using the traditional tetrachrome palette of four – white, yellow, red and black, the translation of a carving into flat painting and then high quality print allowed me to spend time examining the work in great detail. Now professionally scanned and colour balanced here in Edinburgh, this has been reproduced perfectly in archival quality ink and printed onto acid-free paper which will keep the image fresh for years to come.  This painting is an unusual shape – the original image is 25x35cm and so it has been printed onto A3 paper, to preserve the borders and may require a handcut mount or frame.  This is a *limited edition* print and each print will be numbered, signed in pencil and have a certificate of authenticity with it. No more than 50 will ever be produced.


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Dimensions 33 × 5 cm

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