SOLD: The Hem of His Garment: original work on paper


An original painting inspired by the miracle of healing in the Gospel of St Luke, when simply touching the hem of Christ’s garment healed a woman afflicted for many years. In the culture of the time, the depth of this woman’s suffering would be profound – ritually unclean, as well as sick in body and soul, her profound faith and trust in God led her to push forward and not even demand Christ touch her. Egg tempera on khadi paper.

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One sunday I heard the story in the Gospel of St Luke (which is repeated in other Gospels) of the woman with the issue of blood for many years – she was healed by touching the hem of Christ’s robe after years of searching for a cure. She didn’t even touch His body – just the ‘fringe’ or hem of his robe.

The faith of this woman – deeply simple but unshakeable – inspired me to create this work. I wanted to keep it absolutely simple but at the same time, my work in the Byzantine tradition shaped how I drew and then painted the important second when this miracle occurred.

Egg tempera on khadi paper, this work will arrive safely packed flat by recorded first class post. I can add my initials to the corner if requested. 


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