Progress, in Lent and Work.

Life in the Church is circular & linear: our lives return around the axis of the Feasts, the cycle of prayers & services, the seasons of fasting and feasting. At the same time, we run this race towards Our Father, praying for “the homeland of our heart’s desire”. A foretaste of the Kingdom in that moment of receiving the Gifts, in the bright sad joy of a pre-Sanctified Liturgy, the giddy joy of Pascha, these sustain us when our prayers grow ragged and weary. God grants us moments of grace, when He knows “my heart was failing within me, there was none who knew wherein I walked”. For me, in these wintry days, a bird singing praise and buds springing up are signs of the blessings both now and in our life to come.

Sunday of Orthodoxy
I pray that we all find these moments of sustaining grace, as we progress slowly around and forward, towards our final Pascha.


Work also in progress. I do hope you find some value in seeing icons as they change: I’m always (still) astonished at how His hand guides mine, so quietly I’m hardly aware of it. I know that I could not paint these alone. These are small A5 icons on oak boards, for a diptych.


Exciting news of a talk I have been asked to give will follow soon. Pray for me, my brothers & sisters!

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