Detail of St Antipas

Recent Completed Commissions

At the moment I am busy with commissions – a blessing that keeps me hard at work – and planning an online gilding resource for students, as well as the joy of parenting an almost 11 year old, gardening and watching the babies in the parish grow into toddlers (my favourite age).

Saint Antipas of Pergamon:
Edinburgh is blessed with many doctors and dentists – especially in our Community, where students come from Greece for the high standard of post-graduate course available at the University of Edinburgh. Two Cypriot friends who have sadly gone back now got together with ten others in the Church and commissioned a large, water-gilded icon of St Antipas of Pergamon, the patron saint of dentists. The names of the donors are recorded along the bottom of the icon – some do not manage to Liturgy often and I felt it was important that their presence be noted whether they can be with us in spirit only.

Completed Icon with water gilding.

I have also made very high quality photographs of the icon which will be made into prints – each donor receives a copy of this and in due course can come and see the icon in Church. Father Raphael has decided to have it framed behind glass, as the mirror-finished water gilding is prone to marking easily, especially when venerated in a community setting.

Detail of St Antipas: water gilding with burnished finish.

St Mary Magdalene.

A small A5 personal water-gilded icon for our dear new Deacon, Fr Antonios. He was very kind and left the details to me, including colour and inscription. I wanted the colours to reflect the warmth of his ministry and service in our Church, and her face to connect directly with this most cherished servant of God whenever he has a moment to be in his prayer corner. Clergy are so often over-looked in our communities and yet they give to all who ask and are in need of time, a word, recognition of our presence. How better to thank them than give them the same through an icon of their favourite Saint ?

Saint Mary Magdalene: water gilded with burnished finish, approximately A5 size. Private Collection.

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