Saint Andrew – Little & Large: Personal and Church Commissions

My icons are commissioned for many reasons – sometimes just to show how important a friendship or relationship is, sometimes to mark special occasions. They are commissioned by individuals or communities (such as the icon of Saint Antipas) or by churches.

Recently, I have been working hard on several commissions which cover each of these. 

Baptismal Icons

These three small (10x15cm) icons were for a family having their children all baptised together. The oil gilding makes them more robust for small hands and the intimate size means that the children will, we pray, feel more connected to their own saint’s icon. The plan is to make one more for their little sibling to be born next summer. (private commission, Scotland).

Saint Andrew the First Called – Church Commission

The Rt Revd Anne Dyer commissioned this icon on behalf of the Episcopal Cathedral in Aberdeen and she presented it to Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford Connecticut this September – I have waited until the Feast Day to share it with you, and to make sure that the new community have had time to find a place for him. The icon not only celebrates the patron saint of Scotland (and Greece, and Russia) but the connection between the two communities, across the oceans. We discussed the colours to be used, as well as the character of the saint and the practicalities of an icon that is likely to be handled in a large church community, before I began work.

Rt Revd. Anne Dyer with the Icon of Saint Andrew

One of my online friends saw a few small detail pictures of Saint Andrew and was moved to commission a smaller version of it for her family.

The face of Saint Andrew

Christine is a poet and a globe trotter – we were emailing about the icon while she was in the Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg – but the eyes of the saint had touched her creative soul and so without making promises I could paint the same icon again at a much smaller size, I began work.

The script used would have been out of place in a much smaller icon – the icons many people are familiar with are, in their original form, much larger and copied smaller by printers. So we used a scroll which was more traditional, and kept the same colours. Would Christine feel the same seeing her own icon in the flesh? She was visiting family in Edinburgh and so I could find out in person.

Well yes, she loved it. I am so honoured and blessed to share in these moments of life.

You too can commission an icon – large or small, although the really tiny ones are quite a challenge – by contacting me here and we can talk about what you have in mind.

The SHOP will have two new icons of the Theotokos added next week – gilded miniature icons.

These would be beautiful gifts for special people and will be “ready to ship” in silk and velvet bags by mid-December.

Wishing you all a blessed Feast of Saint Andrew the First Called Apostle 2019.

First called among the Apostles and Brother of their Leader

Entreat the Master of All to grant peace unto the world O Andrew

and to our souls great mercy.

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