St Alexander Nevsky: a birthday Icon

handpainted icon of saint alexander nevsky
Saint Alexander Nevsky

I can’t wait any longer, I have to share this. Two weeks ago, a friend from Church (who didn’t know I painted icons) asked if I could help fix one that had been damaged in the post from Bulgaria – it was a birthday present for a lovely, gentle, wonderful priest we know who is celebrating his 70th birthday this week. I saw the icon and said of course I can fix it up, would you like to see my own work while you’re here?

I’m so happy that she liked my work: after discussing it with friends, she asked if I could, somehow, paint an icon for our priest. I’ve never made one so quickly, unless I’ve been on my week long breaks down in Shropshire (where Aidan teaches and Sarah cooks and I just enjoy the wonderful peace and atmosphere of the rolling countryside, miles and miles from towns. You can rent caravans and even converted chapels here at ).

It was a bit of a rush: Dylan and Chris who provide all my icon boards from sent a board the same day as I called them. There was a minor disaster when the website didn’t process my order for gold leaf but I valued the time for extra refining of the drawing.  Finally, my parents and husband really pulled out all the stops to make sure I got everything done in time – I even had time to make a proper silk and velvet case (with velvet on the inside) so that the icon can travel safely. I hope.

I was able to deliver it last night and now I can share it with you too. As usual, I don’t feel as though I’ve been involved at all: at some point, the saint begins to look back and I’m not alone. It’s such a gift and blessing to be able to make these for people, from an entirely selfish point of view. Here he is. Please ask before saving the image and if you use it for your own website, please link back to me – I really appreciate it. Thanks!

St Alexander Nevsky, water gilding and egg tempera

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