St Triduana of Restalrig

Yesterday in the daily Liturgy here in Edinburgh we commemorated the Saint Triduana of Restalrig.

She was one of 12 holy people who accompanied St Rule on his journey from Constantinople to Ireland with the relics of St Andrew the First-Called.  A monk on the island of Patras asked him to take the relics “to the end of the world” which in those days was Ireland!  God’s providence blew them to thevkingdom of Fife in Scotland, where they were greeted by a very suspicious local chieftain. Their strange clothes & language made him believe these visitors were unfriendly but on seeing St Rule, his heart was converted and the ruler asked them to stay, building them a home near Perth. St Rule’s home is now known as the famous university & golf town of St Andrews.

St Triduana is less well-known. Tradition says that she sailed across the Firth of Forth and landed near Edinburgh, at the small port of Restalrig. She had a reputation for healing, especially blindness, which only increased after her death. There is a church in Restalrig still dedicated to her, although most locals do not know of her biography.

This is something I hope to remedy in 2016 – there will be an update here soon about my big project and I hope to share details in the next week.

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