On seeing and the Theophany

Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year and a joyful Feast of the Theophany in 2018. I'm re-establishing my working pattern, now that (we hope) my daughter is in a more settled rhythm at school and very soon, the days will start to lengthen. Part of the challenge of working as an iconographer within a home setting is that being a mother must come first. Over the autumn I completed a couple of small icons and began work on a large family icon - that should be progressing this month - and drew then watercoloured a small Christmas image which became both prints and a Christmas card - there … [Read more...]

St Theodore the Recruit

I painted this icon in 2008, shortly before the birth of my daughter, as a gift for the first child of dear friends. It is based on a fresco by Manuel Panselinos, a master iconographer of the high point of Byzantine iconography. His style is masterful: a single line, a fluid brushstroke, is enough to perfectly form an eyebrow or a fold in fabric. His use of colour is sensitive and shows how the underpainting affects the overal tone of the finished painting: the proplasmos is often a cool green and in spite of that the faces have life and vitality. As Aidan says, iconography shows life … [Read more...]