Recent Completed Commissions

At the moment I am busy with commissions - a blessing that keeps me hard at work - and planning an online gilding resource for students, as well as the joy of parenting an almost 11 year old, gardening and watching the babies in the parish grow into toddlers (my favourite age). Saint Antipas of Pergamon:Edinburgh is blessed with many doctors and dentists - especially in our Community, where students come from Greece for the high standard of post-graduate course available at the University of Edinburgh. Two Cypriot friends who have sadly gone back now got together with ten others in the Church … [Read more...]

Beneath the gilding: what happens to a board.

Today I began preparing two new boards: well, these are boards that had 'issues' so this is their second chance! They had already been coated with two layers of hot rabbit skin glue or size which is without a doubt the best adhesive for an icon. After making up a batch of size (27g granules:400g water (1:15) left to soak for several hours then heated), I soak the linen scrim in the pan for ten to fifteen minutes. You can see how soft this is: I buy pre washed & hemmed window cleaners scrim, which is lovely and drapey. In it goes. Once the fibres have softened & expanded with the … [Read more...]