“I’ve just taken delivery of St Etheldreda. She is lovely. Absolutely everything that I hoped for: so vibrant that I feel she is speaking to me. How carefully you packed her and how speedy was her journey over those thousands of miles! I have placed her where I can see her just by turning my head as I sit at my computer. The light is perfect there. Perhaps she will help me keep my mind on my work.” C.G., Melbourne, Australia.

“I commissioned an icon from Katherine Sanders as a wedding gift for an old friend. Katherine helped me from the very outset to choose a suitable icon, and despite the deadline being rather tighter than ideal, she was able to deliver the finished product by the agreed date. The quality of the iconography is superb, and demonstrates Katherine’s ability to produce unique work that is nevertheless firmly within Orthodox Tradition. The whole process from commissioning to delivery of the finished icon was smooth and entirely satisfactory.”

– Deacon P., England

“I have the honour and pleasure of being the proud owner of the stunning “Moses receiving the Law” icon by Katherine Sanders. Created in strict accordance with the traditions of Orthodox iconography, her work still has true originality of style and the faces of her Saints and Prophets show strength, sweetness and deep spirituality.”

– S. Williams, Wales

We were keen to commission an icon for a priest friend who was leaving the parish and we feel so blessed that Katherine was recommended to us. She was friendly and helpful from the start and wrote a very beautiful icon for us. When it was presented to the priest he audibly gasped, then beamed from ear to ear. In his words: “The icon really is wonderful and I am delighted with it. Thank you all so much for such a generous gift. While I was on my sabbatical I kept looking for a lovely icon of Ss Cyril and Methodius and couldn’t really find anything. The icon from all of you … will be something precious and holy that I will keep near me for the rest of my life. I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to have been given it.” We are particularly grateful that Katherine was able to complete the icon within the time frame available. Rev P, England.”

“We are utterly delighted at Weeford, both church community and our benefactors, in this wonderful Icon. We are especially grateful for the prayerful way it was written into existence. Katherine’s guidance and expertise have been invaluable through the commission. Her dedication to the project was remarkable. We have no doubt that this beautiful Icon will bless this church for many years and be a little window into heaven for all who step through our doors. We pray it will be a sign of blessing especially to the very many couples that are married in our Church. Indeed the reason for its creation is to mark a wedding blessing. Thank you so much to Katherine.”

– L. Mills, Weeford, England.