Transfiguration: metamorphosis and change

  Wishing you all a joyous Feast of the Transfiguration, albeit one day late. This year I have kept the blog in hibernation for a few reasons, not least that any time I have outside of teaching and homekeeping has been used preparing icons. However, we have made the decision to send our daughter to a local school that we believe will fit her needs better than staying home, at least for the moment. Being an only child can be lonely, especially if your mother tends to be rather solitary! So next week we begin the adventure of school and I have been given a space above our church to … [Read more...]

St Katherine the Great Martyr

Today I begin the final stage - the painting - of this amazing icon. Not only am I (and my daughter!) named for her, so too is a dear friend recently delivered from cancer. This icon is a gift of thanksgiving for her life and health. You can see here how after gilding, I have removed the excess gold and cleaned the gesso ready for painting. I have a mad idea that I would love to have it ready for the Sunday of Orthodoxy... In two weeks time! I will let you all know how it goes. In the meantime, enjoy the last week before the fast & pray for me. … [Read more...]

Icon of Christ (Philanthropos) of Sinai

This is a sneak preview: I hope to blog this icon from beginning to end this week, now that it is completed and about to go to its new home. Here is a link to the article that explains the technical side of things & why it is called 'Philanthropos' (Lover of Mankind) not 'Pantocrator'. Lord have mercy. … [Read more...]