Useful Things

Very rarely I find something that will be useful to other painters & craftspeople. Here is one little gem.  

The egg tempera mixture I use has to be kept in the fridge and I use variable amounts. I know others use small bowls or jars but I like the flexibility of squeezable bottles with dropper tops. Finding them has led me to very obscure websites in the past and I hadn’t found any in the shops, until now. This little pack of three 35ml/1.18oz sauce bottles from Sistema, made in New Zealand from BPA free plastic are pretty close to perfect. They are big enough for a large egg mix but not huge (I only keep the mix for a week) and the sides are flexible enough to be squeezed but not so thin they will crack or leak with repeated use.


I bought these in our local supermarket presumably stocking in the vain hope we had weather suitable for picnics…  So don’t delay, add them to your tool kit now. 

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